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Ed Virgobbi

Sports Handicapper at 2Halves2Win
A prognosticator, a visionary, a handicapper and a master of time travel into the future to see the final scores before first pitch, tip-off or kickoff ;-)
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Hey y’all, it’s great to FINALLY be back up and running after about a month-long exodus from the WWW.  Fact is, we have so much on the “major leagues” dotting the NFL, CFB and NBA it’s almost unworthy of my time as a web maintenance officer when I’ve really got a shi(p)load of other things to be doing.  If you’d like to verify us and distrust our already-hired independent and MULTI-national watchdawgz, it’s cool. But don’t starting whimpering in my ear about how your “oh-so-All-World” P.O.S. local game picker has been on a roll lately… it’s not even gonna get you a free coke.. so don’t bother.

Last but not least, you all DO realize you never have to wonder where we are encouraging our clients to put their dollars, right?  If not, here you go: (our INDEPENDENT handicapper monitor… there for YOU to catch us if we’re lying to you guys about our W-L records.  Check it, buckle in and choose the right package for your budget.

Meanwhile, I’m pretty certain of who’s gonna win Super Bowl LI.  I know, I know – everybody seems to think they know who’ll win SuperBowl LE, but not everybody studies numbers, algorithms, study certain team forums where family, friends and others “in the know” will report interesting info you sometimes won’t see on any sports page for 50+ hours per week like I do, so choose a package in the dropdown menu if you want to know who I’VE got BEFORE kickoff…

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