College Football Week 6 & NFL Week 5, 2016

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NOTE: If you see a pending pick for a game that has not started yet (i.e., “TBA“), you can get that pick and any forthcoming picks for just $4.99 by clicking HERE for our Daily Package using your PayPal account.¬† Your private information is absolutely¬†safe over our secure server and 3rd-party¬†processor!¬† We won’t spam you or place unsolicited calls!

Okay, so where’s college football Week 5 and NFL Week 4 you ask.¬† Well, we’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties between ourselves and our third party handicapper monitor, CapperTek, who monitors every single pick we sent out to our clients – every sport.¬† Or at least that’s what we thought…

Turns out, the fault lied in Microsoft Internet Explorer after many days of troubleshooting the problem.¬† So, what I’m saying is, while we sent out our CFB and NFL picks to our clients, we were unable to log them into our CapperTek database for independent monitoring purposes before any of the games kicked off.¬† Once we switched our browsers from IE to Firefox (just this week), we’ve been able to do that (finally!) for this week’s CFB Week 6 & NFL Week 7 picks and hopefully, from now on…

So how did we do last week in both pro and college football?¬† Well, we didn’t burn our books, NOR did we burn down the house.¬† I don’t have time to look up the W-L records right now but I can tell you we pretty much paid the books last week(s) but mainly just the vig/juice.¬† Sorry, I depend upon our third party monitor to keep track of all that stuff just as much as any prospective client does.

Okay, so here’s how both of our sports shook/are shaking out for Weeks 6 (NCAAF) and 5 (Pro)…

CFB Week 6 (Handicapper, The Cappster)

1u: Auburn -3 (-115) VS MSU – WIN
1u: TCU -28 (-115) VS Kansas – (loss)
2u: Ohio State -27.5 (-110) – (loss)
2u: North Carolina Pick ‘Em (-110) – WIN
3u: Houston -16.5 (-110) – (loss)
1u: Tennessee +7 (-110) – WIN
1u: Florida State +2.5 (-110) – WIN

Final Record, CFB Week 6: 4-3 (57%) for -2.5 units

NFL Week 5 (Handicapper, Ed Virgobbi)

Thursday Night Football

1u: Philadelphia -4 (-105) VS Detroit – (loss)

Sunday Afternoon  Football

1u: New England VS Cleveland – u46.5 – WIN
1u: Washington +4 (-110) VS Baltimore- WIN
1u: Minnesota -6.5 (-110) VS Houston – WIN
1u: Pittsburgh -9 (-109) VS NY Jets – WIN
1u: Denver -4 (-105) VS Atlanta – (loss)
1u: San Diego +4 (-115) VS Oakland – WIN
1u: Dallas +2.5 (-105) VS Cincinnati – WIN

Sunday Night Football

1u: Green Bay -7 (+100) VS NY Giants – PUSH

Monday Night Football

1u: Carolina -6 (-105) VS Tampa Bay Р(loss)

Final Record, NFL Week 5: 6-3-1 (67%) for +3.15 Units

PLEASE NOTE: All published lines & vig/juice were current at the time they were sent to our clients.  We shop for our best lines between three sportsbooks: BookMaker, Bovada & BetOnline.  We  @2Halves2Win HIGHLY recommend all three of these books.

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