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A prognosticator, a visionary, a handicapper and a master of time travel into the future to see the final scores before first pitch, tip-off or kickoff 😉
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Okay, so hey, I know it looks like Virgobbi Sports has been out of biz judging by the dated content and the current structure of our website but no, we’ve been killin’ it in NBA hoops (almost ALL 2nd half bets – you just have to use our independent handicapping service sports monitor, CapperTek, to keep up) – we just haven’t had much help from our current server.  See, I thought it’d be no problem at all to have them move us from our Windows based hosting to Linux based hosting.  Turns out generally, this is correct.  The problem is – Murphy’s law!  Yeah, the Murphmeister got us and got us good.

Like I pointed out earlier though, we most certainly didn’t go out of biz, we just (temporarily) lost the ability to run our website, instead depending upon other referral methods to keep the lights on.  If you click on the CapperTek logo (top-right) you’ll see what we’ve been up to – ANY time you wanna know.  Please be patient while we redesign our site and bring it back up to V. Sports standards.

Our NEW PACKAGES for MLB and the remainder of the NBA playoffs are finalized and ready for your biz.  Please select the one that’s best for you and let’s get back to biz, eh?

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